Cleanserv VU4

Brushing and vacuuming in one working procedure for a deep, thorough and
gentle cleaning of carpets. The Cleanserv VU4 brushes the pile thoroughly,
whereby it also removes dirt which clings to the fibres and ensures an optimum
cleaning result even in areas subject to heavy wear. The telescopic suction
pipe and flexible suction hose can be used to vacuum curtains, furnishings
etc. without any problems. The series production models are fitted with germ-
reducing fibro filters or optionally with Hepa fi lters to enable use in hygienically
sensitive areas.

Cleanserv VD5

Compact vacuum cleaner for commercial use in offices, hotels etc. As a
result of the low noise development and Hepa filter (option), it is also
perfectly suited for use in hospitals and noise-sensitive areas. Extremely
manoeuvrable, stable and lightweight.

Cleanserv VL1-15 / VL1-30 / VL2-70 / VL3-70 I